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Published: 07th May 2008
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If you are attracted to Chinese women, one issue that always comes up when first starting a relationship is their parents. The parents of Chinese women can give the impression of being one of the strictest and most judgmental parents on the planet. This perception seems to come not from meeting the parents, but from the woman herself who often tells horror stories about their parents' strict habits with regards to her relationships.

The Misconception

Many young Chinese women, particularly in their early 20's and earlier, tend to worry that their parents will not approve of the man they are dating. On many an occasion, they will not tell their parents they have a boyfriend at all, and essentially "sneak around" their parents by telling them they are going out studying or hanging out with one of their female friends.

These Chinese women assume that if they tell their parents about you, their parents will meet you, be judgmental, and forbid them from seeing you again.

One thing you need to realize, however, is no matter how strict her parents actually are, they're not stupid. They know that their daughter has a boyfriend or is seeing someone, because they know their daughter and her behaviors.

And yet, if you notice, they will continue to let their daughters blatantly lie to them about where they are going. Why? Because the truth is that the parents of Chinese women are not as strict as their daughters think.

The Reality

Do strict Chinese parents exist? Of course they do. And they are likely more conservative than the parents of Caucasian Americans. But regardless they are not so strict that their daughter needs to hide a relationship from them. Rather, the truth about Chinese parents is that the person they are most judgmental on is their daughter. The reason it appears that they will judge her boyfriends is because they don't want her dating someone that will get in the way of the goals they hope their daughter achieves. They are not judging you as a person, they are only judging you with regards to whether or not you will negatively affect their daughter's life and their hopes for her.

The reality is that it is the Chinese women themselves who are receiving the most judgment from their parents. Her parents dated once too, and they know that their daughter needs to eventually see someone as well. They just want to make sure you are not going to prevent her from doing well in school or be a bad influence.

If you are not a bad influence - if you are someone that appreciates studying and is planning on helping their daughter do well in school and in life, they will not judge you. They will still judge her, but they will not judge you.

So although you may have heard many horror stories about meeting the parents of Chinese women, rest assured that as long as you are a good person and show some sort of intelligence and ambition, they will like you, and there is nothing for you or your girlfriend to worry about.

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